Panamore is a multiservice touristic agency, which is focusses on create and organise natural activities in the whole area of Portobelo, because is a recognized worldwide place for its ruins and fortresses, built between the XV and XVIII century that are still preserved and tell an history. We will find a reef mantle full of marine life right at the foot of the bay of Portobelo, so there's where our project was settled down.


Founded in 2012, Panamore its a project that want to develop ecosustainability through the creation of packages  on touristic offers, in participation with the local population but paying attention especially on local cultures and traditions. Culturally the people of Portobelo grew up during the conquest and time of development of pirate activities, so makes it a town of cultural and historical importance, mixed with the African and indigenous culture of the area,  but we can still find activities of pre-Hispanic origin at the same time. During the carnival season, unique activities are held in Panama such as the Festival of the Diablitos or the procession of Black Christ of Portobelo.



This is why Panamore is a project in an ongoing evolution. Every year, we create and organise new activities and improve the existing ones in Portobelo. On our webpage you can choose, following your desires, the activities that you like most, then decide to do  multi day activities or stick together different activities on the same day. Our mission is to help you, with our governance, to find the activities that you like most and to give you unforgettable memories of Portobelo, Panama.