To promote Eco-Sustainable activities and positive feelings with nature, we proudly organize and help to set up camping areas where it will be possible to you to experience nature without harming our beautiful rainforest.

We will help you by organizing all the logistics for a multiday experience the Portobelo National Park and on its beautiful coasts.

Lets visit the most unique and hidden beaches in the surrounding area and camp on the beach while taking your time for snorkeling, fishing and kayaking. And at night there will be a campfire and stars…

We hike in the wild forest and we have the feeling of communing with nature for a longer period of time.  At sunset and at night we will do track and watch animals  with lamps and an infrared night scope visor, to spot the night activities of the forest.

Lets go horseback riding to a beach or to a waterfall into the forest and take the pleasure in making this experience last longer by camping on site.

If you would like to add to your camping experience, try one of our night activities. Check it out !

We provide you all the facilities for a good experience with the option for onsite cooking or a catering service.

Let us know what and how you like to ¨live¨ while you are in Portobelo, and we’ll recommend you the best spots.

Camp in style, we’ll help you get your gear together for a comfortable experience in nature. We offer:

  1. tents
  2. hammocks
  3. mosquito nets
  4. lights and power devices
  5. walkie talkie, mobile phones
  6. portable gas stove
  7. kayak; motorboat;
  8. 4×4 or horse transports

Please, inquire and write us about your ideas about the camping experience you wish to have, we will give you many different options based on what you want to experience while you are in Portobelo, Panama!

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