Kayak & Cayuco

Panama, Portobelo bay

In Portobelo and surrounding areas you’ll find several options: rivers, beaches, and mangroves… We can guide you on your kayak or cayuco journey, or you can explore Portobelo on your own. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and transportation (boat, drybag, safety jacket).

Kayak or Cayuco?

Depending on the area you choose, you may have the option of a plastic kayak or the “Cayuco”, the local hand-made canoe made of one single piece of wood. The kayak is commonly known for being an easy paddle for beginners, while the Cayuco offers a new and different experience. It is faster and better shaped. And with a few pointers and a 15 minutes of practice you’ll be ready to be on your way!

Portobelo Bay
Everybody can try this safe and fun tour in Portobelo Bay
Paddle Trek Snorkel
Do you love nature and exploring the outdoors? Let’s go paddling, trekking and snorkeling and make it a day!
Playa Huerta
Let’s go visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Portobelo bay, Playa Huerta!
Half Moon Bay
From the Portobelo Bay to Half Moon Bay.
Temporarily suspended
This tour is temporarily suspended
Rio Cascajal
Would you like a kayak tour in quiet and transparent waters, surrounded by unique ecosystems ?

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