Kids and Horses, First Horseback Riding Trips

Portobelo National Park

The first part of this tour includes first imprinting between the baby and the horse. It is followed by a ride in the river where the kids are guided by the parents and will experience their first time on this majestic animal.

We will let the kids interact with the animals and will reply to all their questions and curiosities with simple answers. Our goal is to freely let the kids express their feelings, in an open environment.

The horses are amazing animals with great hearts and a lot of love for humans… It is a great energetic therapy that works for kids and kids at heart.

Both theory and practice will be given be explained by one of our guides on quiet horses with the help of a parent, in the beautiful scenario of Portobelo National Park.

A transport to and from Portobelo is included.



Ages: 5+

Duration: 3 hrs aprox.

Price: $40

Minimum participants: 2 persons or $70

Reservation: 3 days in advance


Car transports


Dry bag


Dry bag

Guide (Esp.; Eng.; Fra.; Port.; Ita.)

What to bring:



Long pants


Trekking boots

Bathing suit



Candies (for the kids and the horses, not for you !!!)


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    • Panama, Portobelo.
    • Number: +507 67391685
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