Medicinal Plants tour

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Nature has the power to cure us… during this tour we will fly inside the culture and the visions of the locals, we will learn about medical plants and edible ones.

We will also discover how some of the plants we can find can be used for magical purposes, so the consumption or possession of them can have positive results on people.

The tropical rain forest plants are important for medicine and can also be used in foods and cosmetics. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 70 percent of the anti-cancer plants identified so far are from rainforest plants.


Price: $30 / person

Minimum of participants: 2 persons or $50

Duration: 3 hours

Age range: open to all ages

Price Includes:

 Dry bag

 Plastic boots

Guide (Esp.; Eng.; Fra.; Port.; Ita.)

Please bring:



Hat or Cap


Shoes or strong sandals (or use our plastic boots)


As always you can always choose to combine this tour with 1 of our Night Activities.


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