Night River Tour

Portobelo Panama

An incredible experience for the kayak lovers is to paddle at sunset or at night in a lagoon and river area. At this time of day, there is so much animal activity. It is incredible, and the sound of the nature is stronger than any other time of day. We like to experience this twilight moment and enjoy this spectacular, natural show.

We will paddle in calm and safe waters while discovering the river coast and the mangroves. With the help of lamps we will discover Portobelo, Panama at night. When the sky is darker we will be able to see the plankton presence in this area which is marked by their bioluminescence.  It is an unforgettable experience to swim in these magical waters and see all your body illuminate in the night!


Price: $40/ person

Minimum of participants: 2 pax or $60

Duration: 4 hours

Age range: 12+



Dry bag

Plastic boots

Snack or fruit

Guide (Esp.; Eng.; Fra.)

What to bring:

Please bring:



Swim suit

Sea Shoes , strong sandals (or use our plastic boots)

Long clothes and a towel in a plastic bag