Portobelo Beaches

Cristaline waters with corals and thousands coloured fishes, white sandy beaches palms and trees where sloths and other monkeys come to hang in… if that is your idea of a Caribbean life, you deserve to visit the Portobelo Beaches.

The Portobelo Beaches are the best spot for all those who like the water activities and the beach life, only 2 hours drive from Panama City, the Portobelo beaches are example of natural Beauty of Panama.If you are planning to visit Panama, Portobelo is an option that you would not miss, the perfect experience that mixes the pleasure of undiscovered and untouched to then beautiful nature of the surrounding.
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The Portobelo beaches are part of the Portobelo National Park, who has a total area of 34,846 hectares and more than 70 kms of Caribbean coast, is an important area for the wild animals for is geographical position, on the coast side of the Portobelo National Park, is forbidden to fish with big boats and it makes important for the reproduction of all the species, as it is a marine reserve area.

With palm trees and rich coral reefs, the Portobelo National Park is one of the most important park on the caribbeans, with a unique and amazing biodiversity and the typical tropical rainforest with year round rainfalls.

A lot of people visiting Panama decide to come visiting this beautiful region and spend few days relaxing on the Portobelo beaches or doing activities on the Portobelo bay, as Snorkelling, diving, or hiking into the forest, or visiting the Portobelo Fortresses.
To reach the Portobelo Beaches is necessary to take a motorboat that leaves from the Portobelo fortress of Santiago de la Gloria, or choosing to be picked up in one of the seaside docks of the town.  hitpcgames.com cracks4soft.com keygensoft.com 
The Portobelo beaches are part of the Portobelo National Park and marine reserve, on the Portobelo Beaches you will not find any kind of touristic facility, except of the plastic bathrooms, we remind you to be provided of the necessary drinks and snacks in the town shops or Bakery or by inquire us about a catering service onsite.
Crossing the Portobelo Bay we will head on the othe side where all the best spots for snorkelling are.
The most visited Portobelo beaches are 3, below a detailed description of them:

one of the most beautiful beach in Panama

Playa Huerta is the first beach we will meet crossing the Portobelo Bay, located at the its corner, it is a small bay with crystalline waters which offers good corals reefs where to snorkel, thanks to its position this bay as always calm waters.
We can also recognise this beautiful Portobelo beach by the small island in front of the beach, Drake Island, takes the name from the temerary corsary” of the Admiral Francis Drake, a scary person who who’s terrorising the Spanish colonies in the 16th century, and after his death has been buried in a plumb grave, right in the island of the Portobelo Bay, and since then has his name Isla Drake. maccracked.com protocrack.com secrack.com windowscrack.com whitecrack.com Also the name of playa Huerta, comes from the habit of the french trooper who where defending this part of the bay, to grow vegetables (doing huertas)on the flat part of this beach.  twitcrack.com majidsaleem.com
Playa Huerta is the smaller of the main Portobelo beaches,only 10 minutes motorboat or 40 min kayak to reach this spot, located right out of Portobelo Bay, with its 100m concave beach, offers an incredible spot for snorkelling, there are 2 reef banks, one on the left with shallow waters, perfect for a snorkelling without dives, another reef area is on the right of the beach and the corals are deeper as more we leave the beach, perfect for 3/4 mt, apnea dive.the luxurios vegetation and its animals are is the best scenography that the nature can give us, the tropical forest surround all this beautiful Portobelo beach, the tree give us the shade until the water, so… umbrellas are not necessary !
The show of the animal that live in the this beach is part of the entertainment, the pelicans, the sloths,iguanas and monkeys, often appear during the day.

A walk in the forest can be an shade option of discovering during the hot hours or before the sunset, a 30 min
A walk in the forest can be an shade option of discovering during the hot hours or before the sunset, a 30 min path bring to Puerto Frances, the second most famous Portobelo beach, for those who are interested in hiking check on the option of hiking and snorkelling we offer.
Is also possible reach Playa Huerta by kayak, a 40 minutes paddling in the Portobelo bay, passing close to some of the Portobelo fortresses is an option for this who like the activity, you can check in our paddling tours to see description and which accessories we include.A 600 mt coral area is before playa Huerta, this spot is used for diving or snorkelling tours, and we also promote you to experience Anfibia Board, a unique water activity for the underwater lovers.
You can decide what time to be picked up by the motorboat, from 8 am to 5pm., but if you would like to live longer you visit in this beautiful Portobelo beach , we suggest you to try one of our Night Activities, in particular the ones where we do a sunset snorkelling , before having a cocktail in front of a campfire, or we go visiting the night lives of the Portobelo national Park with an infrared monocular.If you like to camping, Playa Huerta is a beautiful spot were to experience the natural feeling of the Caribbean, from monday to friday you can enjoy the beach with relax, bring your camping tent or ask our help by inquiring on the Camping support service.
Puerto Frances


Puerto Frances takes the names by the french battalion was used to use this strategic position for watching for pirates before arriving in the waters of the Portobelo Bay.
bigger than playa Huerta, offers a view on the open sea and a vast natural green “prado” offers space where to tan under the sun. The beach of puerto Frances is a good spot for snorkelling, but the current and the winds make it a little bit more complicated during the dry season (from january to may), but at same time became the freshest beach of Portobelo thank to its breeze.

Panamore organise a singular and original experience to reach this beach… an hiking and snorkeling tour that start from a Portobelo Fortress, San Fernando, located in the other side of the Portobelo Bay and with a hike in the forest of the Portobelo national Park with explanation on plants and trees and animal watching we will reach this unique beach, where we can swim and snorkel before return to the town with a ride in a motorboat.

playa Blanca
Playa Blanca is the most famous of the Portobelo Beaches, for sure the fame and the good reviews of his visitors are motivated by the white sand beach of this gem, an ash toning example of beauty that the Portobelo National Park offer.
Playa Blanca is 20 min. motorboat ride out of the Portobelo bay, located in a small bay, protected by island in front of the beach has always calm waters, a 300 mt. beach is a good place where to relax and swim in crystalline waters.Don’t forget to bring your camera, you will have unforgettable memories of your staying in this Portobelo beach.
Playa Blanca is a perfect spot for Camping, quiet and silent, is bright during the full moons and have several spots where to set camping tents and prepare campfires.Panamore organizes also daysail or day and night sail tour to playa Blanca, a romatic option and as well perfect for group activities, write us for more informations.


natural beach means also natural insects, sometimes mosquitos and sandflies are visiting the Portobelo beaches too ! don’t forget to bring insect repellent… Coconut oil or any other body oil is good to protect against sandflies, those insects are so small that a small film of oil on your skin will completely avoid the contact, sometimes long vests or a “pareo/towel” can help too.if you forget of those important oils and repellents, don t feel lost !do several baths in order to have wet skin and or burn some coconut hairyskin, its smokes runs the insects !!!!!”We would like to remind to all the visitors that during the snorkelling is highly suggested to avoid the contact with any coral, as it can damage or kill it.
please participate in the coral conservation by sharing this suggestion to all your dive/snorkelling buddies”!!!!o Converter Key Sidify Free Crack
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