Portobelo fortress Bay

Hidden Fortress of the Portobelo Bay

We’ll cross the bay of Portobelo on a motorboat and visit the San Fernando Fort, it’s cannons and fortifications.

You will learn the history of the fort including the famous pirate attacks. We will start by visiting the Bateria de San Fernando and climb up the hill to the Bateria de San Fernandito (an excellent spot for photos of Portobelo bay).

For those who want to hike more, it will be possible to climb to the top of the mountain to the “Casamatta” (an explosive powder storage room). During this trek it’s common to see birds and monkeys (Howlers or Cariblanca) among other beautiful animals.

The perfect tour in Portobelo which mixes history and nature in a single experience…

For the same price, you can experience the same tour on a ‘cayuco’, paddling the bay in the typical wooden canoe.


Price: $30 / person

Minimum of participants: 2 pax or $50

Duration: 3 hours

Age range: open to all ages

Price Includes:

 Motorboat transports or Cayuco,

 Dry bag

 Plastic boots

Guide (Esp.; Eng.; Fra.; Port.; Ita.)

What to bring:



Swim Suit

Hat or Cap


Shoes or strong sandals (or use our plastic boots)


If you do not want this experience to end, you can choose to combine this tour with a kayak/Cauco tours or one of our Night Activities!

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